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Love Colors are world-exclusive color powders (with Glitter upon request!) for Pool Partys, Seaside Partys, Festivals and indoor Clubs, giving resorts and event agencies a distinct competitive edge against their competition.
" Summer, Music and Water" is great, but a million other Businesses offer the same deal. What is your story to wow your guests for 2017 and beyond? "We are just like everybody else" ?!
Conventional color powders are based on corn flour, which pollutes water, making them unsuitable for pool and seaside use. We provide you with a unique selling point AND a significant additional source of revenue.

Oh...and there's no risk of finedust explosions.
You don't want to kill your guests, do you?


Conventional Color Powder

Risk of Explosion - see what happens if you buy cheap corn starch powder!
Corn is food and we belive that as long as people are starving on this planet, no food should be wasted! Talcum powder is highly allergen and might even cause cancer

Pollutes Water

Corn starch is organic fertiliser, meaning unwanted bacteria will feed on the starch and turn your pool into a stinking, brown mess within hours. Talcum will fall to the ground. You'd need to exchange the water completley and your water filters might be damaged afterwards.

Fine Dust

Causes problems for people with respiratory issues. In addition, your light and sound equipment requires time-intensive cleaning afterwards. Hard to remove off the ground.

Stains Clothing, Fingernails & Hair

Your favourite Party Outfit will stay colored, even after intense washing and your fingernails stained for several days. No matter how much soap you use. Blonde Girls report suffering from pink hair for up to 6 months.

Waterlove Color Powder

Vivid & safe Colors (with optional Glitter!) will make your guests happy as well as your bottomline. Based on experience, each guest buys up to 5 bags.
So, here's your unique selling point that will generate significant additional revenue! No expensive Line-up required.

Dissolves in Water

Our Colors will create a nice cloud of color and vanish after a few seconds. Excessive use might result in beautifully colored water which dissolves quickly thanks to sunlight.

Easy to remove

A quick dive usually removes the color of the skin, soap and a shower will take care of the rest. Cleaning the area afterwards is easy: just use a broom or where possible a water hose.

Made in Germany!

We manufacture according to some of the strictest hygiene laws in the world. Our ingredients are 100% food-graded and of the best quality available on the market.

“ Worldwide Patent Pending! ”

— There's only one source for true Waterlove Colors. This Website. Order Now!